Ron Kurelo has served with many organizations and countries, most of his experience is as follows:

- Retired Lieutenant in Canadian Forces Reserves

- Served with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

  1. -Served with the Ontario Provincial Police

  2. -Served with Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary

As a member of an Army Veteran's group of international soldiers, Ron has parachuted with the militaries of the following countries:

- Republic of China; Taiwan Army

- Peoples Republic of China

- United States of America

- Israeli Defence Force

- Republic of South Africa

- Kingdom of Thailand

- Mongolian Army

- Netherlands

For more than 30 years, Ron was a weapons supplier and instructor in the film industry. He has worked on 100+ films stemming from Hollywood, Asia, Europe, and his home country of Canada. ( Shown above on set being directed by John Woo )

Volunteered in the United Nations tsunami relief mission in Thailand; 2005

Ron has traveled extensively throughout Asia, with particular interest in China.

He has lived in a summer residence in Northern Manchuria, 30 miles from the North Korean border

He is currently writing a six part book series loosely based on experiences, and the real history of 1920's Shanghai. It chronicles the life of a Canadian serving alongside the Shanghai Police, true to the 1920's.